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This app keeps track of all your information during a match of Magic the GatheringTM

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Life Counter

MTG Match Lite keeps track of all your information during a match of Magic the GatheringTM. It has a life counter, a round timer (and turns after time expires), a match log to keep track of all changes, and a win/loss counter.

It also keeps a match log archive so you can look back on past matches. And you can also sign up for a newsfeed account and keep track of your buddies' matches.


  • Swipe up/down to change values, or use +/- buttons
  • Match log keeps track of every change throughout a match
  • Round timer that tracks turns after timer expires
  • Tracks wins and losses per round
  • Match archive allows you to lookup old matches
  • Newsfeed allows you to keep track of your buddies' matches

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