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About Me

My name is Todd Brady and I created the Vaccine and Test hunter sites. I saw the community struggling to locate and secure the things to help beat COVID-19 so I applied my skills as a software engineer to support the effort.

Actively helping our community is my passion and that's led me to run for a State Senate seat in Ankeny. If you'd like to learn more about my campaign and what I stand for, visit my site:

I want to humbly thank everyone who has helped support this page. Your contributions will help pay for server and bandwidth costs as we move forward.

Because of the unanticipated show of support, any remaining contributions will be donated to medical themed charities. So far donations have been made to:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Fight Colorectal Cancer MercyOne - Des Moines Foundation Orchard Place Stand Up To Cancer United Way of Central IA Unity Point - Des Moines Foundation

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